What's Are BABY's Doing inside

What's Are Baby's Doing inside his Mommy Stomachs??????????
Baby inside, he started to learn abou something?

Many studies have shown that babies have started to learn since the mother's womb. So what can be learned before the baby is born?
Study of prenatal (before birth) showed that learning had begun even before the baby is born into the world. Before birth, the fetus in the womb of the mother was able to learn about sound, and vibration sense in the uterus, which then carries the memories after birth. The fetus also was able to recognize emotions that originate in the mother.
Psychologist William Fifer from Columbia University found that babies enter the world with particular preference at least by two votes, the mother's heartbeat and his own voice. This is what causes the baby rather than her own mother heard the sound of another woman.
Another study also found that newborns will recognize the rhythm of the words or hum the song that many times by her mother during the months of pregnancy. Therefore, many obstetricians recommend that women often sing her favorite song in the early months of pregnancy. Mothers should continue to sing the same song after birth so the baby feels really feel in a place that is familiar with it.
"Babies also remember the taste of food available in the mother's womb. If the mother eats garlic, the flavor will also be present in the amniotic fluid in the womb. Various flavors of the food you eat will also be integrated into the mother in breast milk. Early recognition of taste can form the basis of several Choice food when the child grows up, "Julie Manuela clear from Monnel Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, as reported by mind pub, Tuesday (12/13/2011).
Sense since the introduction of the fetus in the womb will also determine what foods will your baby likes and dislikes. That is why, when pregnant women should eat a healthy diet and increased vegetables and fruits, so that one day the boy did not resist when asked to eat vegetables.
The other thing is the vibration of the fetus studied. At 26 weeks gestation, the fetus will move when the vibration is given to the mother's abdomen. But after vibration given repeatedly, the fetus will not move anymore. But if a new type of vibration is given, the fetus will be re-moved to respond. This suggests that the fetus in outre with experience.
Most of the behavior of a newborn can be traced to the behaviors that are present during pregnancy. For example, some fetuses sucking their thumbs and will continue to do so after birth.
Additionally, infants also learn to be emotionally in response to the environment before birth. Baby into this world with certain emotional tendencies. Emotional tendencies are not entirely derived from an inherited gene, since the environment also plays a role in shaping children's emotional tendencies.
Emotional state of mind and physical health of the mother during pregnancy is the maternal environment for the baby. That is why excessive stress or depression experienced by pregnant women may affect the baby in the womb. Babies may be entering this world with the same emotional state of mothers during pregnancy.
The findings on infant learning and memory during pregnancy and the influence of maternal environment on the unborn baby, bring a greater responsibility to the family.
A mother should do our best to minimize the stress levels and keep the mood happy and positive during pregnancy. A father should do our best to provide maximum emotional support to pregnant mothers to help provide an incredible ability infant when born into the world.
Source: "Merry Wahyuningsih - detikHealth"

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