Women on Top in Sex Position

when we talk about sex
there are so many kind of sex, sex position, etc. Here its some tips to make a good and best Sex position, and why should be like that. for purpose to get Orgasm and another pleasure.
Many men feel that the position of making love like this will make them easier to control ejaculation and can create the sensation of orgasm repeatedly. The reason is that you can rest the pelvic muscles and more able to concentrate on your own arousal.

For women this position can be made ​​directing it towards the sensitive penis in her vagina, including the point of the G-spot. So in this position many women can reach orgasm easily.
In this position you can use your fingers to touch and stimulate the clitoris and help him reach the top. Here you also can freely fondle and suck her breasts as he continued to have intercourse. This position is very good for an easy man to ejaculates.

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