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Sitemap (site map) in this context is not the site map at the website / blog which is a page that contains all the links / content of the website / blog (content), but the sitemap (site map) that became a reference for search engines to make crawling a website / blog. Thus, the index process becomes faster and no url / page that missed by spiderbot. Before creating and registering a sitemap to Google, do some preliminary url registration website / blog to Google Search Engine. Next follow the steps as follows: 1. Create a sitemap url, ie the feed url of your website / blog. For WordPress, feed url can be directly entered without having to add specific rules.
As for the blogger / blogspot, must be added to certain rules in order to submit / sitemap registration does not fail. You can use sitemap generator which is mostly found, just type 'sitemap generator' on Google. However, for practical you can use the additional rules. sample feed urls blogger / blogspot: http://buka-rahasia.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. additional rules as sitemapnya url: or it could be his atom.xml feed type, http://buka-rahasia.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 Add the red part of the url of your blog's url and sitemapnya. 2. Log into Google Webmaster Tools. 3. Click the url website / blogs that have been registered and about to be given the sitemap. 4. In the configuration menu / site configuration, select sitemaps. 5. Click submit a sitemap, and enter the url of the sitemap. 6. Then click the submit sitemap. 7. Once submitted, you will find a report stating that your sitemap registration has been successful. But before there will be a process shown by the picture clock. This process is relative, there is a 1 hour to 2 days. The registration process is managed as a whole will be indicated with a tick (check). 8. Completed Well, the important part. To maximize (and as an attempt ikhtiarnya effort or whatever his name-ed) a reference in the search engines do index, register more than one sitemap. So, register two sitemap on at once!

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