Be Aware of Scam in Internet, kind of Scam, Get Alert and safety

Скамс Алерт фор йор safety
ONE spawn case o ME
On this day about half-past three in the morning I get a chat request from a woman. Beautiful photo profile shown and rally tempting, sweet, so hot, sexy bla bla... At that time he was requesting to video chat with me. Of course i was confirmed (who will not confirmed with that case? lol). My next question would video chat using what? YM or Cam frog?. Apparently she want and wish I click on one of the URL from her to me and he can chat online video there. but then I think and up here I was quite suspicious. but I ignore. just want to see what will done on me :) .
Web URLs which he gave me a click, it turns out his run to one free domain name service that is Dot.Tk. More and more I suspect. the problem is the website for streaming right, its using free domain hosting looks.
you need high budget for it, can be pretty expensive cost up to $ 2000-3000 per month, but the period could buy hosting buy a domain that $ 7 / year can not afford. that's the explanation, but who knows in the next?
and i thought i have to avoid it, but want to know? so i gt a plan lol :D
So, On that page I was asked to input your email and password. My tests with the content of your email and password that is certainly not my actual email and password. My conjecture is true .. This is phishing. Because every time I press enter a web page does not change, always display the lo gin, and the more bizarre no notice if I am wrong email or password.

Fortunately this victim was hit by me,and i can escape :). Even I know the Internet actually started with a Scam as i knew in rumors lol :) I hope that by sharing experiences like this, you can be more alert to all kinds of Scam. because now there are various kinds of Scam

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