MIB III, Man In Black 3 will coming soon on May 25 2012

After nearly a decade of sequel to "Men In Black 'vacuum graced cinema screens the world, yesterday (12/12), trailer for the movie' Men In Black 3 '(MIB 3) has begun to circulate and are introduced via their official website is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2012.

Actor Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, certainly will again be a major star who will portray the character agents J and K in the MIB agent 3. But the interesting part of this thirdsequel is about the existence of K agents, who reportedly will not survive or were killed in abattle against aliens.

To overcome this, the agent A was forced to jump into the past to the year 1969 andinvites the younger K agents to fight with him. Agent K is younger, will be played bytalented actor Josh Brolin.

Filming of this MIB 3, reportedly cost up to $ 215 million. From the two previous films, MIB earned income up to $ 1 billion and 3 platinum from the best selling sound track up to 3million copies in the U.S. market.

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