how to take care your lovely twin

how to take care your lovely twin

if you Have twins children, its mean that  they are nurturing the double fatigue as well as double happiness.

Some parents will feel that the first year of life with twins was a bit chaotic. But do not worry, all the processes it will pass with a fun, happy at the same time. To that end, here are some ways to care for twins easier.

Preparation of double
Do all things necessary to welcome the arrival of the twins. In the last months of pregnancy, join a club twins in your community. Attend meetings which they held before the child is born. And continue at least until the first year or two. There is no better source than experienced parents who share tips on saving time and energy to care for the child.

Double Team
The involvement of fathers in single baby is a choice, but with twins is a must. All child-care tasks that must be done very carefully, can be shared with my father. You may not be able to do the loving care all the time. But just do the best thing you can do with the resources you have.

Provision of milk for both
Try to feed them in a simultaneous schedule. When dad was home, and nursing time, then each of the mothers and fathers-will be able to feed the child at the same time.

Double duty
Try to schedule the twins sleep at the same time. By having two times the same bed, it helps establish a routine that consistently breaks during the day. And in the early months, it is not possible without a shower with four hands. Try to do it one by one. Children at an early age do not need a bath every day anyway, Mom. Bathe the baby one time today, another tomorrow, and so on.

Multiple settings
With the birth of twins, it takes good time management. Do the things that really need to do, and leave the rest to others. Ask your friends who care for the twins as tired to prepare food quickly, for example.

Rather than put a child in a separate box, most twins will be faster and more restful sleep peacefully when placed side by side or facing each face in the same box. Do not they have been united in their mother's womb for nine months.

Search help
If overwhelmed, hire a nanny for at least the early months.

Double baby pickup bag
Children are often not picked up will often cry. Experienced parents have learned that parenting model as it would calm the children. Do this for the twins. Cries of a child who will make another child cry, whine and cumulative effect of this double nervous parent can be stressful. For that, take them out walking around. The scene outside can brighten up your mind when you feel so saturated with the housekeeping.

Dual supervision
If you have a problem, to tell your twins apart, try the following label: put the bracelet, hair cut with different pieces, as well as clothing. Forcing everything to the same department of the twins is the process of identifying the bad and wrong. So should, distinguish it from everything. As soon as the twins grow older, even though identical twins, they will develop a unique feature.

Give the name of the twins
Keep in mind in mind that you take care of two individuals, not twins. Call them by name each one, not just "the twins"

Similar but not equal
Once this small pair grew up, be prepared when they play a confusing role. Specificity because they liked to be twins, but they also want to be treated as individuals. One time they might want to dress the same, another day they want to dress differently. Follow the path alone, treat them equally when they want to be a twin and when they want to be different individuals.

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