Man on Top Sex Position

Even before the priests up to China, Taoism has long taught this sexual position where the man is above the woman's body as one of the good position in intercourse. Usually men use their hands or elbows to refute weight.
One benefit of this position is that you and your partner can look at each other and looked at each other or kissing her passionately. Position and looked at each other face to face will be very satisfying your emotions and your partner because of all the five sensory organs (eyes, nose, mouth, ears and skin) can touch each other directly.
In this position the woman can merabakan your hands to drain the energy back up into your head. With this position there are a lot of contact with a couple parts of your body and your body weight is above the pubic bone and breasts can help speed up his passion.
The main deficiency of this position is usually the hand you do not move freely because they have to support your weight so as not to burden your partner's body. In addition it seems likely that the point G-spot which is the weak point she barely touched, unless you tilt the sacrum and menggangkat your penis upwards.
dont forget, making love with your own couple :)
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