Let Our kid's playing with Older friends

Let Our kid's playing with Older friends

Lila, a new one before the age of one year, it's good to play with Alex (9 years), his cousin who lives right in front of the house. Alex too. "Lila fat and funny," so it's 3rd grade students to comment. And Lila essentially nothing "Sister Adam". Sister playing with Alex, his sister meal together, even the school wants to participate.

Mother, playing with friends that sometimes bigger is more fun for the little guy. No wonder the little guy because the environment is still limited. The most familiar are the ones closest to parents, caregivers, om or aunt who lived at home, or if your child is not the first child, my brother is a playmate.

Therefore it is not surprising that at this age children really enjoyed the role play or pretend play. Mainly follow what is done by a friend or an older sibling. Perhaps he considered, they first do while he was just starting to try. And it's a new challenge for the little guy.

What must be remembered, pretending behavior is supported by the desire to explore with the children show a variety of attitudes. In addition, gross and fine motor skills has also been supportive. He can walk, run, jump, and so forth. His imagination was already starting to grow. It's just that there are children who proceed faster, some are slow to do it.

Thus, although the child's behavior had demonstrated a desire to go to school, following his brother, for example. Parents should not have to respond to the wishes of the minor to serious. Look at the child's symptoms indicated. Normally when such behavior arises only after some time and left bored, then maybe he's just doing impersonation.

But for just a little fun, there's nothing wrong with your child to school to play big brother. Let him feel the school is like. When he was just playing on the playground, perhaps his desire was just there.

Mother, when your child starts socializing sometimes do occur or the nature of the transfer. Character of the child since the toddler was already beginning to show. There are types of difficult children who cry and refuse to be set only; any type of child that's easy to set up easy and quiet nature, and there are children who possess a combination of the two characters did. Characters that children can change depending on circumstances and conditions, as well as the environment that influence it. One of the environmental factors that influence it are the ones that are close to the child. Usually the longer and a lot of experience, the personal character of its original form.

In addition, the attention factor could be the trigger of a child to be "followers" of people / friends is greater. Whether it's attention in the form of praise, ridicule, or other things that can please the child. For example, when children imitate the behavior of his brother who likes scratching their heads, parents or anyone else who saw it laughed heartily, or at least gave him a smile. Well, with a laugh or a smile before the child was the center of attention, and he will continue to maintain that imitation.

In order to give it special attention, while monitoring it. When he followed a positive behavior, praise. Conversely, if the negative behavior that he had copied from "the adults" give little warning and explain that this is not true. Not difficult, Mother ...?

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