How to Increase Feedburner Count, Tips&Tricks

how to increase Feedburner-Count

May have wondered why the information on the number of reader-Feedburner Count very little. Want to know how to improve it? 

(Above is the description of increase)

You need to know  that not all readers always use Url Feedburner Rss Feed to subscribe to posts and comments on the blog. This happens when the reader access to the blog address in otomaris the web browser will read the default address Rss Feed on our bloggers. Normally the browser (like Firefox) will directly read the blog feed by default. This of course hurt if our goal-Count increase feedburner readers. Before trying the code below could you not believe that the original reader-Count Feedburn I only amounted to 5, after a few weeks to see the difference, my Feedburner-Count rises to 55. This value is not permanent and can change at any time, could have increased the value tomorrow or even less.
That need to be concerned that this will not increase the value-Count Feedburner automatically, it all depends on a lot of readers who subscribe to our posts. in the sense that we only direct the reader to always access the address feedburner, so our readers are not shared with the default address of our blog RSS feed.

You wanna know the way its works?here it is :

First step.

Open Template -> Edit HTML -> Don forget to  backup template, just to antricipate 


Find the code below.

Jika sudah ketemu ganti kode diatas dengan code dibawah ini.

Your Blog Title  - Atom" href="Nameblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default" />
Your Blog Title  - RSS" href="Nameblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss" />
Your Blog Title  - Atom" href="http://www.blogger.com/feeds/8301582465326140745/posts/default" />
" />

Don't change the code in  green  color in above codes.


Find code below

.feed-links {

Then add this below code, exactly before the above code

display: none;

And don't forget to Backup again

Langkah Empat

Still on Template -> Edit HTML -> Check the Expand Template Widget

Find the code below

you got it?good. then you change it with the below 

Above code is changing URl link to Feedburner, Ussualy in blogger like this :

        |  Berlangganan: Posting (Atom)


        |  Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

Oke, thats my tips, hopes helps you, good luck
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