SEX or Making Love with Healthy Tips

Here it is,another tips for you guys. How to making love (ML) in a best pleasure, sex with million passion but healthy.

if you wanna get the orgasms in Your SEX activity that's you never been, you need to go into some step: Try to exploit your couple, remember, without hurting oke.
Here are six ways that will help you to re-gain a better ML.
1. Try to exploit your partner. Focus on your thighs and lower abdomen him. Begin a circular motion at a distance of two inches on the outside of Mrs. V.
"Do not try to cross the line when you're kissing or licking," Thus, you will burn the bottom of the nerves and bring the he approached the red zone for sex.
2. Bring him to the car garage. use your beautiful words for him in the back seat of your car. Then do it quick sex in there. This will rekindle your passion that has begun to fade.
3. Recommends that you often do foreplay. This will increase the hormone dopamine, so that he would think that sex is all about himself, not as a necessity that must be channeled only.
4. Try doing a game. Tie him hand and let your lover to think hard to find how to remove your shirt and pants with his hands tied. This condition will give a much different atmosphere in your bedroom.
5. Recite a story for the him. It does not have a smell erotic. This is one activity that can build intimacy between you and your partner, as it would make more focus on your voice.
"Read as she lay beside him. Meanwhile, the lower the sound that is a sign of increased testosterone, which aroused his interest in you,
6. Gently rub her neck. Believe me, the touch of hands can work like aphrodisiacs. It will show how much you really devote great attention to him.
"A little show affection in public, it will deepen its relationship with you, so it has a greater desire to give herself to you,"
next steps of The sex Position wanted is up to you and your couple , be good and be nice in sex, don't hurts each other guys :-)

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