Valentine's Day History, historical

Valentine's Day History 

Day is celebrated as a symbol of love is originated from the Festival of Lupercalia which took place at the time of the Roman Empire, around the 3rd century. Festival which takes place every February 13 to 18 is preceded by an offering to the goddess Juno Februata love.

Right on February 14, the youth will draw the names of the girl in the glass box. Girls who are selected will be the partner for a year for pleasure and entertainment attractions.

A day later, they will require protection from disturbances Lupercalia god evil creatures. At that time, the youth will be whipping the girls with animal skins. They believe it will improve fertility crack of the girls.

Festival iti often make a lot of couples in love, dating, and eventually married. In the process, authorities and local religious leaders adopted this ceremony with shades of Christianity as the entry of Catholic Christianity as the religion of the kingdom.

When the Roman campaign war, the effect of the festival was made Emperor Claudius II, who reigned at that time, the difficulty of recruiting young men to reinforce the troops for war. Many young people are hard to leave family and girlfriend.

On the condition that, Claudius II finally ordered to cancel all marriages and engagements in Rome. This policy seems to have opposition from one of the local priest named Valentine.

That said, Claudius II was furious to see Valentine secretly married couples still fell in love. The emperor immediately ordered the royal guards to arrest Valentine and beheaded. February 14 Valentine died exactly 270 years BC.

For the sake of remembering the struggle of Saint Valentine, religious leaders changed the name to the festival of Lupercalia festival of Valentine. During its development, February 14, the momentum sacred to the men to pick the girl who wanted to be his life partner.

Although not known if the legend is true or not, but this is the right explanation for the Christian version is happening on the Lupercalia.

In modern life, Valentine immortalized as love. In the United States, the first Valentine cards are mass produced by Esther A Howland in 1847. In Japan, Valentine is considered as the day when the women give chocolates to men they love.

While in Indonesia, such a culture also began to mushroom, especially among young people. Many shopping centers and cafes that decorate their place with the color pink. Chocolate and Valentine's cards bearing the words of love are also increasingly popular, especially in big cities.

But no means the days beyond the date of February 14 is not a day filled with love. After all, love is always there at any time, not just on Valentine's Day alone. * VIVAnews


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