Valentine's Day celebration

Valentine's Day celebration 
Valentine's Day celebration is one of the Roman pagan festivals (pagan), which is idolatry of their religion since more than 17 centuries ago. Valentine celebration is an expression of the pagan religion of the Roman god of love and respect them.

Celebration of Valentine's Day has historical roots of some of the stories passed down through generations to the Romans and the Christians their heirs. The most famous story about his origin is that the Romans once believed that Romulus (founder of Rome) suckled by a she-wolf, the wolf gave him physical strength and intelligence of the mind. The Romans commemorated this event in mid-February each year with a magnificent memorial. Among the ritual is to slaughter a goat and dog, and his blood to his two young dilumurkan a strong physique. Then they washed the blood with milk. After that began the march of the second young man in front of the group. Both take two pieces of leather that they use to stain everything they come across. Roman women to spread deliberately overlooking it cheerfully, because they believe it will be blessed with fertility and easy childbirth.

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