Education tips for you children,your lovely one

An old saying from Germany said, "We can do anything with the kids, only when we play with them."

Child's world is a world full of imagination, so it is not surprising that many education experts who teach the methods of fun learning and playing while learning.

Just as in the case of young mothers. At the beginning of the mother to give support in the form of gifts, perhaps once a child's mother was found a new game that challenges to conquer. But in a way, it is not impossible, if he finds a boring routine for him so easily distracted by his friends.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of data that we have not understood from the case of the mother, such as for example, whether there is agreement schedule for children to learn and play, whether he studied in its own special place or in a place that is easy to get distracted, and so forth. However, some of these tips we're trying to ask:

1. Grow your self-esteem regardless of the outcome studies.

One factor that can reduce the interest of the child to achieve good performance is the lack of confidence. It arises because whatever the outcome, the edges are the pressure (to maintain the achievements so that children become stressed) or disapproval (to improve performance so that the child becomes too stressful). Each individual has different ways in dealing with stressful situations, but among the various ways that, in fact only be divided in two forms, namely "Fight (face) or flight (run). Therefore, encouraging the child with words like "mother's brother believes could", "believe that younger women can be trusted to be responsible" and so on, is one method of motivation that is able to attach emotional bonds children and parents.

2. Schedule mutually agreed

Invite children to learn together to agree on a schedule to train the child to practice responsibility. In addition, the mother was also easier to provide supervision so that children did not feel always being chased by an obligation to learn.

3. Time to play

Useful for scheduling with release of children in determining playing time he likes. That way, children will learn the discipline of doing his duty as well as relaxed because he knows that he can play your heart in the hours agreed

4. A special place to learn and quiet

As much as possible, if indeed the condition can be adjusted, ie the child has a special place to learn with as little disruption as possible (as close to the television and so on). It also trains the child to concentrate fully for hours of learning

5. Mentoring is fun

There are times when the child difficulty doing certain problems. In most cases, the parents leave the task of this assistance to the tutor or other people. This could potentially lead to pessimism in children that the parents themselves do not afford. Giving gifts is one method for growing desire of children, however, be less effective when children are under pressure to get the prize. Therefore, parents need to occasionally take the time to accompany children in fun and without pressure, so the children comfortable and trusting of their parents.

Some tips to try so we asked. If there is information that the mother wants to convey, we will be happy to discuss with the mother.

May be useful! ^ _ ^


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