Baby's Independence knows Their parents works

"Child's independence does not depend on age. it will come along alone. independence formed by  education and receiving  habit from his parents since early childhood. Independence is a process that takes time and must be continuously trained."

Adam (12 months) every day left father and mother work. At best he is fussy for a while when his parents leave off, perhaps because they still want to indulge, but after that, Rio as usual again.

Ordinary children's parents left early because of work will be used to meet their own needs and learn to find their own activity. Plus, they become accustomed to holding responsibility.

Leaving children alone at home with caregivers, especially for under one year of age, there are advantages and disadvantages. The surplus, the children become independent and responsible learning fast. He could find out what they need and how to fulfill it. Of note, the caregiver had been given a corridor or restriction by a parent, what can and can not do the child. In this case, there should be a solid partnership between caregivers and parents.

While flawed, the safety of children is at stake. For this reason the need to have a clear understanding of the origin and character of the sitter. How does he approach to the child, and how he handles the problem child.
Many times a child has an imagination as creepy monsters, demons, or animals. However, all such fears can be reduced as long as the child is trained to be brave and think rationally.
For example, if there is something strange sounds or looks suspicious, do not be frightened child. Invite your child to find the source of the sound. Thus, the child knows all sorts of sounds. He's so fast no fear when they hear the sounds that have never heard.

Before leaving the child, parents should make special preparations. For example, to provide enough food for a child left alone. Change of clothes after a bath, and other purposes. Leave well as important phone numbers to call at any time by the caregiver if anything happens.

During the abandoned child, parents should have prepared a number of constructive activities so that children can keep busy so he does not feel lonely. For example, if a child is interested in looking at the picture, can provide a wide range of reading material or a new magazine that has never read a child. Ask the caregiver to tells about  story. But do not choose a spooky story and tense. Later the child instead of fear.

If the child is old enough, he could play his favorite toys such as PlayStation or computer. Provided that the toy was already plugged in, the child lived just push the button. Meanwhile, if the children were aged 4-7 years, he could make a game like wax or dye.

Safety is a priority issue. Therefore, if the matter outside is finished, get home so that children are not too long with her nanny at home.

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